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"I do lots of online transactions for the company. Whenever I hear that others’ passwords are stolen for committing identity theft, I get very worried. I have been looking for better solution to protect my password entry. With AS Anti-Hacker's advanced technology, now I feel secure to enter user IDs and login passwords on the Internet."
Travis J. Walters, United States

"When I searched for "Hacking Software" on the Internet, I found thousands of hacker programs for sale. Many of these claim that they can by-pass anti-virus software and firewalls to steal others' passwords. They seem to be making money from selling these programs."

Michael Campos, Australia

"In the past, I think that it's the bank's responsibility to make sure that online transactions must be secure. After watching AvailaSoft’s demonstration, I realize that I need to make my own computer secure enough before making any online transactions."
Harry E. Mistry, United Kingdom

"As an IT professional, I am aware that some hacker tools can easily steal our passwords even with anti-virus software and firewalls installed. That's the reason why we are quite reluctant to use online services. PEPG™ technology (Password Entry Protection Gate) auto-protects password entry against unidentified hackers. Now I use online services without any worries."
Morris Foster, Canada

"Before having this, I installed several security products on my computer. However somebody still stole my password on the Internet and some of my important e-mails were read and deleted. With AS Anti-Hacker, I feel confident to use e-mail again."
Tony P. Wickberg, United Kingdom

"Now I don't need to wait for any ridiculous news that I am protected from a new virus or a new threat that has been damaging millions of others' computers for weeks. AS Anti-Hacker provides automatic real-time protection against new and unidentified hackers"
Stewart Snelling, United States

"When I set the firewall to the highest protection, it generates lots of annoying dialogs to prompt me to decide if it is safe to continue with an activity. It is very hard for me to make right decisions all the time so that my computer won’t get intruded. With AS Anti-Hacker, I have confidence that I can get protected even if I make a wrong decision."
Helmut Schmidt, Germany

"Just one minute to install AS Anti-Hacker, I got auto-protection and continued to use online transactions and Internet banking."
David W. Healey, Ireland

"As a system consultant, I find this software very comprehensive in protecting online transactions. It works with anti-virus software and firewall to provide complete protection against internal and external hackers."
Jessie T. Hester, Australia

"I already have an Internet security program. But I still find it necessary to have AS Anti-Hacker to fully protect my online transactions"
Vivienna Hutcheson, New Zealand

"From AvailaSoft’s demonstration, with anti-virus software and firewall installed on my computer, I couldn’t believe the hacker tool still took away my passwords without my knowledge when I was using Internet banking and online shopping."
Garrick Adams, Singapore

Demonstrations are available for corporate customers upon request.
These demonstrations focus on illustrating how hacker tools can easily access user passwords even with anti-virus software and firewalls installed.