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Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG™)

Brief Description

Password Entry Protection Gate PEPG™ (or Password Entry Protection PEPG™) is the advanced technology of AS Anti-Hacker. PEPG™ auto-protects your password entry during logon of any applications including Internet banking, online transactions, online communication, e-mail and so on. It prevents your password entry from being captured by hidden hackers.

Detail Description

AS Anti-Hacker focuses on online banking and online transaction protection. It works with anti-virus software and firewall to provide complete protection for Internet users. The advanced technology of AS Anti-Hacker, PEPG™, is recongized as the must-have technology for online banking protection and online transaction protection.

User IDs and passwords of online banking users can be easily stolen by specific hacker tools, without users' knowledge. Most anti-virus software and firewalls cannot effectively stop these hacker activities. Actually thousands of these specific hacker tools can be easily downloaded on the Internet.

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Only a small number of anti-virus software products can find a limited number of hacker programs by identifying their program patterns or signatures. However when their program patterns are modified, most anti-virus software cannot identify them again.

The vast majority of firewall users do not set their firewall to the highest protection. By setting to the highest protection, most firewalls will generate lots of annoying dialogs to prompt users to decide if it is safe to continue with their general activities. Even most computer experts cannot be sure if it is safe to continue with these computer activities, it is very hard for average computer users to make the right decisions.

Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG™) is the advanced technology of AS Anti-Hacker. PEPG™ auto-protects the online entry of user IDs and passwords for online banking and online transactions. Since the technology of PEPG™ does not rely on the identifications of hacker program patterns, it can effectively protect online banking users from new and unidentified hackers.

The hacker definition database of AS Anti-Hacker contains the most comprehensive information about the latest hacker tools that may be used for committing crime over online banking and online transactions. This database enables AS Anti-Hacker to automatically find these hidden hackers and remove them before they bring any loss to you. To provide users with the latest protection, this database is automatically updated whenever new threats are found.