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Against Piracy

AvailaSoft actively protects its patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights worldwide. Software piracy is a serious crime. AvailaSoft Corporation is committed to educating its existing and potential customers about software piracy.

An offender of software piracy can be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution, with fines up to US$250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years. Many US and overseas companies, organizations and individual do not know that they may be using illegal software.

According to Business Software Alliance, the software industry loses nearly US$12 billion annually from software piracy. Roughly more than one in every three applications is used illegally.

Penalties of Software Piracy
Committing software piracy, an individual can be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution, with fines up to US$250,000 and prison terms of up to five years. In civil cases, AvailaSoft Corporation has the rights to obtain its lost profits plus offenders' profits, or statutory damages of up to US$150,000 per product as well as its attorneys' fees.

Examples of Software Piracy
Making additional copies of the software without getting proper number of licenses.

Counterfeiting AvailaSoft's products and packaging.

Providing the software for downloads without getting the corresponding vendor's consent.

Using subscription-licensed software past the expiration date.

Installing the software on a server with unrestricted staff access to it

Using the software that being offered had previously been used to obtain an upgrade to a newer version.

How to report a Suspected Case of Software Piracy?
You are encouraged by US Government to report any suspected cases that a company, organization or individual may be using software illegally.

You can also report any suspected cases of software piracy regarding our products to AvailaSoft Corporation by Email to : contact29@availasoft.com . Special reward will be offered and information of all reports will be kept confidentially.