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Our Donations to Charity

As an enthusiastic enterprise, we care about the future of our society, especially education of children in countries in need. To contribute our effort to our society, we are committed to donating 4% of our annual profit as the fund for specific Charity Organizations. This fund is called AvailaSoft Fund.

In addition to the fund, we also donate our products to improve the use of Information Technology in those specific Charity Organizations.

The AvailaSoft Fund will be donated to Charity Organizations under the following criteria:
The granted fund is used for promoting IT educations for the poor

The organization must be officially registered for non-profit purpose
Target countries include Africa, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on
Target children must be of age between 5 and 15

If you are a Charity Organization that can meet the above criteria, you can apply for our AvailaSoft Fund by entering the following link.
   Availasoft Fund - Application Form