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Test & Comparison Report
Feature Highlights
8-Level Protection
System Requirements
Top #1 Security Software!            
AS Enterprise Security contains all the features of AS Anti-Virus for effective detection of viruses and threats.
Virus Detection Rates (Tested)
Source: 2011 Test Report
3 World Records
  • Highest - Virus Detection Rate
  • Fastest - New Threats Response
  • Oftenest - Update Frequency
Feature Highlights :  

AS Enterprise Security is recognized as the best enterprise security software for defending against viruses, hackers, spyware and other security attacks.

AS Enterprise Security consists of the following modules:
●  AS Enterprise Security Server
●  AS Anti-Virus Client for Workstation
●  AS Anti-Virus Client for Server

Advanced Features:
●  Remote Installation
●  Scheduled Scans
●  Comprehensive Risk Management
●  Double Updates Management
●  Software Upgrade Management
●  Centralized Reports

Advanced Security Systems :  
The following advanced security systems are integrated in AS Anti-Virus Client:
8-Level Protection Technology :  
AS Anti-Virus Client comprises advanced security technologies from  AvailaSoft that include File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Insecure Web Detection Loop (IWDL), Preventive Defense, Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG), Computer Cleaning, Secure Encryption, Total Deletion, All-In-One Scan and Double Update.

L1:  File Anti-Virus

L2:  Mail Anti-Virus

L3:  Insecure Web Detection


L4:  Preventive Defense


L5:  Password Entry Protection


L6:  Computer Cleaning


L7:  Secure Encryption


L8:  Total Deletion