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Virus Detection Rates (Tested)
Source: 2011 Test Report
3 World Records
  • Highest - Virus Detection Rate
  • Fastest - New Threats Response
  • Oftenest - Update Frequency
Test & Comparison Report
Feature Highlights
8-Level Protection
System Requirements
Feature Highlights :  
AS Anti-Virus SaaS (Software as a Service) is designed for Telecom and IT partners to provide anti-virus service for their subscribers so that they can subscribe to the service and make payment on a monthly basis.
SaaS benefits to Subscribers
  Monthly Payment Term
    Subscribers just need to pay Telecom/IT Partners on a monthly basis.
  One Installation Forever
    No need to carry out reinstallation during yearly renewal.
  Free & Auto Upgrade to New Version
    For any release of new version, free upgrade will be provided immediately and automatically.
Other Anti-Virus Software Products
  Users need to make total payment for the software that only contains 1st year update.
●  For yearly renewal, users need to purchase the renewal pack and reinstall the software.
●  For any release of new version, users is required to purchase the new version and reinstall the software.
Our telecom and IT partners can obtain great profit stream from selling AS Anti-Virus SaaS Edition. Their customers can also enjoy the value-added services (VAS) without worrying computer viruses.
You want to become our partner? Talk to us now by entering the following link:
  AvailaSoft Partner - Application Form
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Advanced Security Systems :  
The following advanced security systems are integrated in AS Anti-Virus SaaS Edition:
8-Level Protection Technology :  
AS Anti-Virus SaaS Edition comprises advanced security technologies from  AvailaSoft that include File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Insecure Web Detection Loop (IWDL), Preventive Defense, Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG), Computer Cleaning, Secure Encryption, Total Deletion, All-In-One Scan and Double Update.

L1:  File Anti-Virus

L2:  Mail Anti-Virus

L3:  Insecure Web Detection


L4:  Preventive Defense


L5:  Password Entry Protection


L6:  Computer Cleaning


L7:  Secure Encryption


L8:  Total Deletion